Sold, baby!

You know that major good news I teased you guys about earlier this week? Well, I’ve finally gotten the greenlight to announce that … drumroll please … the Assassin series has sold! Huzzah! 😎

My wonderful agent has brokered a three-book deal with Pocket (which is part of Simon & Schuster). The first book is tentatively titled Gin on the Rocks and will (hopefully) come out in fall 2009. The books will debut in trade paperback, then get re-released in mass market.

At this point, a lot of stuff is still up in the air. I’m not sure if we’re calling it the Elemental Assassin series, the Gin Blanco series, or just the Assassin series. The title might change too, and I’ll let you guys know when I get a specific release date.

The books will be a little different from my Bigtime series. The Assassin books are urban fantasy, instead of paranormal romance, and follow one character. Since the books are UF, they are quite a bit darker and grittier than the Bigtime books. Lots of people die in some fairly gruesome ways, and the language is much harsher. But at their heart, the Assassin books are still fun, sexy, action-packed fantasies.

The main character/narrator is Gin Blanco, who runs a barbecue restaurant by day and assassinates people by night. Gin is an elemental who has the magical ability to create, control, and manipulate ice and stone (the other two elements are fire and air). There are also vampires and giants and dwarves galore, and the book is set in the fictional southern metropolis of Ashland.

Anyway, much more to come. Right now, it’s happy dance time! :ww:

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