Conference schedule for 2014 …

We’re well into spring now, which means that it’s time for book conference season to get under way. Here are the conferences that I will be appearing at in 2014:


I’ll definitely be going to RT this year. You can get all the details about the convention here. If you go here to the agenda and type in your favorite author’s name, you can see the events that she is supposed to be at.

I’ll be doing several panels and a YA speed reading event, along with Kensington’s Karmic Carnival (there will be free books at that event). I’ll also be at the big Saturday book signing, sitting in the general section with the majority of the authors. If you’re in the New Orleans area, the Saturday book signing is open to the public.


I’ll also be attending AAD this year. You can go here to get all the info about the conference, including the list of authors who will be there.

AAD is a great, reader-friendly conference, and I’ll be participating in several panels and other events. And, if you’re in the Charlotte area, there will be a Saturday afternoon book signing that is open to the public. You can see the schedule of events here, and the registration information is here.

If you’ve never been to a book conference, AAD is a really good one to try. About 500 people usually attend AAD, so it has a small conference feel, and it is easy to find/hang out with the authors, bloggers, and readers that you’ve chatted with online. Plus, there are always a ton of book giveaways, food, and other treats. Last year, there was ice cream social one afternoon, which was really cool. 


As of right now, these are the only two big conferences that I plan to attend in 2014. I have a couple other events that I’m considering, but it just depends on how things shake out with my writing deadlines this year. So we’ll see what happens.

And, of course, something could always come up at the last minute that prevents me from making it to RT or AAD, but these are the two cons that I’m planning on attending. Hope to see you there!

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    • Jennifer+Estep says:

      Thanks! I appreciate that. I’ll miss seeing you too. I’ll have to fangirl over Lisa Kleypas for the both of us. LOL.

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