Hot Mama

Book #2

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Release Date: Originally published in November 2007 -- Reissued as an e-book in July 2011

Hot Mama description:

Fiona Fine is the hottest fashion designer in Bigtime, N.Y. – literally. That’s because she moonlights as Fiera, a superhero with superstrength and volatile, fire-based powers. As Fiera, she’s also a member of the Fearless Five, the city’s most powerful and popular superhero team.

However, Fiona’s been through a lot lately, including the death of her fiance, who was murdered by an ubervillain. But Fiona is ready to move on with her life, so it seems like good karma when she meets sexy businessman Johnny Bulluci at a friend’s wedding.

But Fiona has little time to think of love thanks to Siren and Intelligal – the city’s newest ubervillains who crash the wedding and then go on a citywide crime spree. Fiona doesn’t know exactly what the ubervillains are up to, but if she doesn’t figure it out, she’s the one who just might go up in flames this time …

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