I love it when a movie comes together …

So I dragged Wheezley off to see The A-Team movie this weekend. I’m a huge fan of the old TV show, so I’ve been looking forward to the movie for a while now.

It didn’t disappoint.

For those of you who remember it, the TV show was about four Vietnam vets who were accused of a crime that they didn’t commit — Hannibal Smith, Templeton “Faceman” Peck, B.A. Baracus, and H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock. The movie updates the premise to make them Gulf War vets.

The movie is really an origin story of how the A-Team came together and starts out in Mexico with Hannibal and Face on a mission. Along the way, they meet B.A. and Murdock, and the team is born. Flash forward several years, and the boys are tasked to retrieve some treasury plates that have fallen into the wrong hands. The mission is a success — until the general who gave them the assignment gets murdered and the plates vanish. Before you know it, the team is in prison, but that’s not going to stop them from clearing their names …

One of the things that I loved about the TV show was that it was just fun. Lots of action, lots of daring escapes, lots of stuff blowing up. The movie really nails that same fun vibe. It’s definitely a summer popcorn movie, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, something that I always appreciate. The actors all look like they’re having fun (especially Sharlto Copley as Murdock), and there’s a nice little twist near the end that I didn’t see coming. There are also several little nods to the show that I appreciated, like some of the names that were used (Lynch, especially) and the fact that the team has to knock out B.A. to get him on a plane.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend the afternoon, check out this movie. It’s much better than Prince of Persia and a lot more fun than Robin Hood. I hope there’s a sequel.

My grade: B+.

What about you guys? Anyone seen anything good this summer? Share in the comments.


6 Responses to “I love it when a movie comes together …”

  1. Jennifer Rayment says:

    You’re the 2nd person I know who really enjoyed it so I’m getting a babysitter and me and hubby will have to go see it. Was worried about Liam Neeson (whom I love) as Hannibal since I LOVED George Peppard and he was so brilliant in the role

  2. Jennifer Estep says:

    I thought Neeson did a good job as Hannibal. The whole cast was good, really, and there were some funny throwaway lines. Like I said in the review, if you’re looking for a fun, summer, popcorn flick, this is a good one to go see.

  3. PurpleRanger says:

    I know that Dirk Benedict had a cameo in the movie. What about Dwight Schultz or Mr. T? Did either of them have cameos?

    And just to put you on the spot, what is B.A.’s full name?

  4. Jennifer Estep says:

    I didn’t see them in the movie. Someone told me that they cut the cameos and put them in as outtakes after the credits … which I didn’t stay to watch. Bosco Albert, although in the TV show, they always joked that BA stood for “Bad Attitude.”

  5. Edie Ramer says:

    I wasn’t planning on seeing A-Team, but you’ve convinced me. I’d love to see a great romantic comedy, but they’ve been dumbing them down lately. I did hear that Letter To Juliet was excellent.

    My grandson and I saw Karate Kid yesterday. That was great! I’d give it an A. I think it was even better than the first one. My grandson thought it was terrific, too.

  6. Jennifer Estep says:

    Edie — It’s a good summer popcorn movie. Lots of fun action.

    I really liked The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, if you’re looking for romantic comedies. The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan is also good, although it’s not a comedy.

    I’m still on the fence about Karate Kid. I love the original movies so much — I just don’t know if I’d like the remake or not …

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