Holiday gift guide — Music …

I usually do one long holiday gift guide post talking about the things that I plan to give and hopefully receive for Christmas. This year, I thought I would do something different and break up the gift guide over several Mondays.

First up, is music. Next week, I’ll be talking about TV shows. And so and so forth. And away we go …


Wrapped in RedWrapped in Red

by Kelly Clarkson

Amazon / iTunes

One of my favorite things to do is put on some holiday music and wrap presents. It just puts me in the holiday spirit.

I really like Clarkson’s music, and I think that she has a great voice. So I’m going to buy her new album as an early Christmas present for myself. Hopefully, it will make the present-wrapping go a little quicker. LOL.

But this would make a good gift too, especially if you are exchanging gifts with friends and family a few days or even weeks before Christmas.

Direct HitsDirect Hits

by The Killers

Amazon / iTunes

The Killers are one of my favorite groups, and this CD is basically a greatest hits collection, along with two new songs. If you’ve never listened to their stuff before, this would be a good album to start with. It might also make a good present for the music lover on your holiday shopping list.

The Killers also release a holiday song every year, like Boots (Amazon / iTunes) or The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball (iTunes). So I’m looking forward to seeing what they release this holiday season.

Songs From St. SomewhereSongs from St. Somewhere

by Jimmy Buffett

Amazon / iTunes

I’m a big Buffett fan too, so I’m requesting this album for myself.

But it would also be good gift for anyone in your life looking for a tropical escape during the cold winter days and nights ahead.

And, if you’re looking for a more quirky holiday album, check out Buffett’s Christmas Island (Amazon / iTunes).

So those are my music picks. What songs/albums are you guys going to give or get for Christmas this year?


6 Responses to “Holiday gift guide — Music …”

    • Jennifer Estep says:

      I bought the Clarkson CD already. Overall, it’s pretty good. And I’ll be asking for the Killers CD for myself.

  1. Regie says:

    I will definitely check out Clarkson’s CD, and i might try the Killer’s. I’ve never heard them. My birthday (tomorrow :-)) officially marks for me the holiday season, so I start it off with my favorites, which blend everything. What I like to do also is to go on Amazon and check out their daily Christmas songs

    • Jennifer Estep says:

      The Killers are pretty cool. They usually release a holiday song for 99 cents every year on Dec 1, with the proceeds benefiting charity, which I think is really cool. Some of their holidays songs are Boots and The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball. You might want to check those out too. Hope you have a happy birthday.

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